The top 4 Australian-made bumper plates of 2018

When shopping around for bumper plates, the selection can often be overwhelming and sometimes it can be hard to choose. The best option when selecting bumper plates, in terms of quality and cost, is to choose Australian-made bumper plates. We scoured the Australian market and have found the top bumper plates of 2018:

1. Olympic rubber coated bumper plates by Atomic Mass

These Olympic coated rubber bumper plates by Atomicmass are designed for performance, super durable and suitable for lifters of all levels. Atmomicmass’ rubber coated Olympic weight plates have an Ezy tri grip and a stainless steel rolled Knurled inner ring. The rolled stainless steel edged on our Olympic rubber coated bumper plates makes for easy glide on/off from your barbell and provides a perfect fit. One of the primary benefits of these Australian-made Olympic rubber coated bumper plates is that they are extremely reliable in terms of exact weight.



2. Atomicmass standard bumper plates

These standard bumper plates made by AtomicMass are made of dense rubber which gives them a lot of bounce when dropped after a lift. The thick rubber on these bumper plates allows them to be safely loaded and dropped without causing injury or damage to the plates, lifting platform or the gym flooring. We chose these bumper plates as one of our top four bumper plates because they are safer and quiet than other weight plates, making them a great option for home gyms.


3. Atomicmass coloured stripe bumper plates

Atomicmass’ coloured strip bumper plates are slightly thicker compared to competition plates, but also slightly thinner compared to other rubber standard bumper plates on the market. These plates are super high quality and made in Brisbane. AtomicMass’ stripe bumper plates are made of thick virgin rubber and have coloured stripes and coloured weight markings. They are great looking plates with high end performance.

  • Thinner than most standard rubber bumper plates allowing more weight on the bar.
  • 304 Stainless Steel internal sleeve to fit Olympic Bar
  • Coloured stripe and weight markings in IWF colours
  • 15kg plate is 48mm thick. Black plate with yellow colour stripe and yellow 15kg markings
  • suitable for any commercial, studios or home gym.



4. High-temp weight plates by Atomicmass

AtomicMass’ high-temp bumper plates are rubber crumbed and designed to be extremely durable and long lasting. They have a lower bounce and up to 30% noise and vibration reduction makes them perfect for repeated high-intensity usage in any Cross Fit box or commercial gym. These high-quality high temp bumper plates by Atomicmass are thicker than other weight plates, which isn’t an issue unless you are putting over 180kg on the bar at once. Plus, they are backed by a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer!


We hope you enjoyed this look at the best bumper plates for weightlifting of 2018. Don’t forget to head over to Brisbane-based Atomicmass’ website to check out the winning bumper plates!

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