Organize a Wedding on a Budget



If you’re looking for ways to plan a beautiful wedding on budget, let me share you a news article showing how 9NEWS anchor Corey Rose has been able to plan her whole wedding on a $10,000 budget.

Consider the venue

Find a place that lets you bring in your own food and drinks. The average cost per plate of food at venues is $35. Corey found a place that allows her to bring all of her stuff and found a restaurant to cater for $12 a person.

Share the responsibilities

Allocate some jobs to friends and family based on their skill sets. For example, one of your best friends is marrying you, another one of your friends will be the emcee, the bridal party will also act as a set up crew. That way, you don’t have to pay for a wedding planner. Ask friends and family if they would like to do wedding party makeup or make bouquets.

Think DIY

Centerpieces, decorations, and flowers can be all much less expensive if you can buy and assemble pieces yourself. A great place to start is a wholesale florist.

Choose flowers that are in season

Many times brides and grooms pick flowers because they are pretty. Check with a local florist and make sure they will be available at the time of your wedding. Be realistic. Out-of-season flowers can be expensive. Also, start with photographs of flowers that you like. That way, you can narrow down a look you are going for. Next, go online and see how a bouquet is constructed, so you know how to use the wire so they hold well.

Email invites

Skip paper invitations and save the dates by setting up a website and sending emails letting guests know they are invited and have the RSVP on the websites.

Simple main cake with smaller, individual cakes

A wedding cake for 150 people can cost $1,000. Try getting one round cake from a bridal company, and then get mini-bundt cakes for everyone. At $1.30 a cupcae, that only costs $195.

News Source: 9News – “5 ways to plan a beautiful wedding on budget”

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