Make Your School Formal the Perfect Night



A school formal is a fantastic time to celebrate all that your teenager has accomplished. Exams are most likely over, or far off, and it is time for the students to enjoy themselves and make memories that will last a life time. The school formal should be glamorous and exciting, a night different from other birthday parties and social events. To make it such a night requires some planning, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Below we list the important steps in throwing a glamorous school formal.

Dress Code

A clear dress code means two things: a glamorous event and no embarrassed teens on the day. A dress code should be stated on all invitations and give clear direction as to the tone of the event. This tone will have been decided upon by the students, or will be following in tradition. Whether it is casual or cocktail, the dress code and the event can be glamorous. A good idea is to give examples in the dress code, in order to avoid confusion and embarrassment. For example, you could ask that all males wear suits, or that everyone wears a tie.


The venue is the ultimate decider in the glamour of the event. The Starship Sydney is a glamorous venue where students can dance the night away. Feel free to discuss with staff how glamorous and luxurious you want the night to be. Decorations can reflect either the casual, cruise glamour of the night, or the black tie, luxurious vibe you are hoping for.


Security is essential both for the glamour and safety of the venue. Your Sydney formal venue should have high security to keep teens safe, and stop unwanted gate crashers. This ensures the event goes as planned. A cruise boat is the safest and most exclusive choice, because entry is only possible at the beginning of the night.

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