Hot Nursery Decor Trend: Kids Canvas Swings

We’re loving this new trend of canvas swings – something mum and dad will enjoy too! Baby swings have long been a staple for families with little ones in tow. Having a baby swing or toddler swing is sure to brighten up your home while bringing joy to both you and your little one. These beautiful baby swings are hand crafted in Estonia by a company called Byel and sold exclusively in Australia through Nordlife – an online Scandinavian-inspired baby and nursery boutique.

Sustainable Canvas Baby Swings

One reason to love these Estonian canvas baby and toddler swings is their sustainability factor.You can rest assured knowing that your baby swing is not only good for your baby, but also good for the planet. Byel manufactures all of their baby swings with naturally-sourced and high-quality materials and strives to be an overall environmentally friendly and sustainable company.

Canvas adjustable baby swing


Canvas Swing Nursery Decor

The natural aesthetic of Byel’s kids swings compliments any interior design scheme and makes the perfect addition to any nursery. All of these baby swings and toddler swings can be hung indoors or outdoors, using the ropes, carabiners and metal rings included with every baby swing. The baby swing can also be permanently fixed using eye bolts. The fabric of the canvas swing is made of an organic cotton and linen blend, and comes in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns. We love the natural look and Scandinavian style of these canvas swings.  The natural wood pieces of the fabric swing compliment the earthy colours of the canvas.


Byel baby swing for nursery in blue


Whether you hang your kids swing indoors or outdoors, you won’t regret purchasing one of these adorable, sustainable high-quality baby swings! Having a baby swing in the nursery, play room or living room is always a joy for children. Plus, the natural look and Scandinavian style of these beautiful kids swings will fit right in, no matter what your interior design scheme is. Shop the wide range of baby swings at Nordlife:


Yellow baby swing in nursery


Toddler Swing

The toddler swing is all about fun and entertainment – right down to the adorable colours it comes in like pink and mustard! Both the toddler swing itself and the hanging ropes are made of high-quality and sustainable organic cotton. The toddler swing has a small additional back cushion for extra comfort and support for your little one. It will be nonstop fun once you hang your toddler swing – just wait! Byel’s toddler swing is for slightly older babies and toddlers.


Cradle Swing

The cradle swing is a perfect addition to any nursery or living room for young babies. The reclined angle of the cradle swing also allows your little one to peacefully sleep or nap in it and be gently rocked to sleep! The cradle swing is also adjustable so you can transition from the reclined position to a more upright position. The fabric swing is slightly reclined, providing full support for babies who can’t sit up on their own yet.


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