10 Reasons Women Should Travel Solo

Traveling solo for the very first time could be a nerve-wracking experience for some, but it could be the most enriching thing to go for.

Solo travel is a fantastic way for women to enrich your independence and strengthen communication skills. You have to muster up the courage to walk up to people and ask for directions to your next destination. Your family and friends won’t be there for you to navigate to your hotel or the airport.

Below are 10 reasons women need to solo travel. Don’t be afraid to travel alone, you can learn about yourself and your surroundings at the same time. And you can ralease any prejudices and preconceived notions you may have about the country and the people you’re going to visit.

Source: News Limited

Source: News Limited

1. Gain Independence
Want to become more independent? Traveling solo means, you are responsible for you. You can’t lean on your relatives. You need to ask for directions. You need to fumble through speaking in a foreign language even if you’re not fluent in it. You need to figure out where to eat. Travel by yourself and independence is yours.

2. Be More Confident
If you lack self-confidence, it can cripple your life and spirit. You are in charge of everything, and there is no worries on pleasing anyone or compromising on whatever you want.

3. Learn Negotiation Skills
Solo travel teaches you negotiation skills. Some retailers and street vendors expect you to negotiate. Don’t worry, you’ll learn it by experience, and don’t worry if you stumble over negotiations. You’ll get better with each transaction.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
How long have you been cozy in your area? Staying in the same place for long periods of time could bore you. Get out of your comfort zone and visit another part or out of your state, province, or country. Remember, your area is a travel destination for people.

5. Heal From a Life Changing Event
When you experience a depressing life changing event, a trip far away will ease you of your worries. You don’t have to worry about what this or person thinks. You can go wherever you want and whatever you want.

6. Learn About a New Culture
Being stuck around in one area can drive you crazy! Travel to a foreign country and get to learn the people and its history because it will expand your outlook in life.

7. Find Love
By travelling, you can meet the right person for you. By being yourself, it’s easier for people to approach you. When you are with your friends, someone who’s interested in you won’t be able to make a move because that person may be intimidated to do so, or doesn’t want to interrupt.

8. Experience the Kindness of Strangers
People are kind and helpful to those who travel alone. A positive and grateful attitude takes you far. Others look out for you, and are open to escorting you to where you want to go, like a theatre, to make sure you arrive safely.

9. Discover Things About Yourself You Didn’t Know
Travelling alone gives you opportunity to get to spend time with you. You may discover that you’re more confident than you thought. Once you return to your home, you will be able the pressure and anything that comes your way.

10. Solo Travel Saves You Money
When you travel by yourself, you only have to worry about you and your own expenses. You can rent a bike or scooter instead of paying for taxis. Better yet, you can walk, which is a good way to know the city and its people.

You can reinvent yourself. You’re free to travel where you want and when you want. But be warned, once you travel by yourself, you may discover that you have a knack for it. And who knows? Maybe it’ll open your eyes on opportunities to change careers and move to another city or country.


Source: News.com.au – “10 reasons women should travel solo”

Planning A Romantic Valentine’s Day

018Valentine’s Day is a special day for loved up couples, but it can be stressful to plan something romantic and exciting. We’ve outlined some great tips below for making the perfect Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have the time to plan something yourself, or you aren’t sure what to do, why not purchase entry to a special Valentine’s ticketed event? Just make sure all the elements of romance are covered!

Luxurious Food
Eating is one of life’s pleasures, and can be very romantic. Everyone knows the value of sharing a meal with someone, but up the ante this Valentine’s Day for a truly special occasion. Consider what you will make for each course if you are planning to eat at a picnic or at home, or look for a venue that offers multiple, luxurious and hedonistic courses.

Romantic Setting
Valentine’s Day in Sydney is romantic because Sydney is such a beautiful city. Opt for a gorgeous location such as the Harbour, for maximum romance. A night on the water with beautiful views of the lights and the harbour is sure to wow any special someone.

Flowers are an age old part of Valentine’s Day. Consider not only the flowers you might give to your loved one, but the flowers at the location of your meal. If you are planning a special night at home, make sure you buy a few bunches of flowers or some rose petals to add romance to any room. If you are booking a venue ask if it will be romantically and florally decorated.

Special Time Together
What could be more romantic than spending time together? Dancing, walking arm in arm or simply talking over drinks will all make your night special. The Pontoon offers you the ability to enjoy all of these activities with your loved one, all with the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

Host an Impressive Product Launch

017Like any corporate event, a product launch needs to both impress the attendees and reflect your business’ brand. You want a product launch to maintain or increase the integrity and reputation of your company. That means that everything should be done to a high standard. Whatever product you choose to launch, your event should have clear purpose, an exciting reveal and an impressive venue. With all these aspects in place you will be best situated to generate real buzz around your new product.

Impressive Venue
An impressive venue is of the essence for any product launch or corporate event. The venue not only reflects upon your company but also determines the level of comfort of your guests. An impressive and luxurious venue says that you are a successful company that wishes to show off a great product. Private boat hire is a fantastic idea, whether or not you are hosting an event of 60 or 1000. Sydney Harbour is a gorgeous place with views to impress any guest. With many Australians choosing to have luxurious weddings on Sydney Harbour you can be sure that the location is both glamorous and internationally renowned.

Big Reveal
The reveal of your product should be the highlight of your launch. You can choose from many different ways to launch the product, depending on its size and use. One impressive and exciting way to reveal a product is with a hydraulic lift floor, so that the product appears and is able to be viewed by everyone. The Starship Sydney is one venue that has a fantastic hydraulic lift. You may also want to consider speeches and other information sharing mediums at your launch. This could be via press releases, information booklets or a company spokesperson giving a talk. Remember however, that the initial impression of a product is rarely able to be forgotten.

Generate Buzz
Generating buzz is a mixture of your product launch and your ongoing efforts after the event. If you have an impressive reveal then the press and other attendees are more likely to create buzz within their own circles. In this way you can generate buzz and sales through your launch.