6 Tips to Make Travels More Efficient

Source: organizedliving.com

Source: organizedliving.com

Packing and planning for optimal travel serenity can take years of trips filled with physical and emotional stress before you finally hit the sweet spot and start coming out on top, no matter the hold-ups.

The following travel tips, packing hacks and apps can make your next trip the smoothest yet. Give them a try and decide if it goes well for you.

1. Find destination-specific navigation apps

If you’re going to another city with tons of traffic, try Waze — it will give you turn-by-turn audio cues and give you advise on routes to avoid traffic. If you’ll be getting around by public transit, try HopStop.

For international travel, there are various apps that will download static maps so you can use them if you don’t have Wi-Fi, such as Stay.com for iOS or Android.

For nearly any urban destination, you can rely on Uber, that is currently active in 32 countries.

2. Eat where the locals eat

It’s easy to get on-the-go (and nearby) restaurant or nightlife recommendations from the Yelp and Foursquare apps. But with our faces in our phones, we sometimes forget the obvious sign of a great venue — is the place packed, and do the customers inside seem to be locals?

If you’re looking for more in-depth activity planning, TripAdvisor has offline city guides for 80 cities across the globe.

Another resource for finding solid recommendations from locals is Peek, which has options to ask the community to design a perfect day in their hometown.

3. Check airfare on multiple sites

There’s no magic tricks to booking cheap flights (although some data shows purchasing airfare six weeks prior to the takeoff is optimal). In scoring flight deals, there is only hard work — at least, if you’re the type that considers web browsing to be work.

You’ll want to check various airlines and group buying sites to see if there’s a deal for your preferred destination. Despite the rise in comprehensive search engines, it’s always posible that a site or the airline itself is offering some sort of special discount, so it’s worth shopping around being open to multiple airports in a region.

4. Download a language app

Language app Duolingo has amassed a cult following for offering free language lessons, possibly of higher quality than enrolling in a university-level language course. Do a few lessons on your international flight, and although you may not be fluent, but the practice will at least take the sting off that disorienting feeling of the foreign conversations all around you.

5. Pack like a pro

Baggage fees crept up on us — $25 doesn’t seem like much, but if you’re a frequent traveler, it adds up, and it’s an additional line to wait in if you arrive at the airport (plus the risk of your bags not making it to your destination).

Traveling with only one bag will save time and money, but more importantly — it’s one less item strapped on your body and to keep track of, boosting your security and lessening your irritation as you’re moving through various places in an unfamiliar area.

No matter where you’re headed, packing only the essentials you should be able to make one bag work. Bring dark denim that can be dressed up or down, and a black blazer that will hide wrinkles. Wear your best multi-purpose shoes on the plane, and only pack a second pair if you’ll need athletic shoes or something a little more formal.

Lastly — don’t forget to bring the one accessory you can’t live without: an extra phone battery. Some savvy travelers also throw in a power cord in the event you find yourself killing time in an airport, needing to charge a laptop, tablet, and other accessory all at once. Just be sure to check if you need to bring an adapter to use the local outlets.

6. Book only the first night

No matter what time you land, you don’t want to spending your first few hours running around and hoping to find a hotel that can accommodate you. A quick walk through the neighbourhood might leave you feeling you really want to stay in a different part, splurge on something superior or move somewhere more convenient.

Apps from HotelTonight and WeHostels will get you last-minute room right from your phone. WeHostels added discount hotels to its app, and HotelTonight offers rooms ranging from affordable to high-end.


Source: Mashable – 7 Pro Tips to Make Travel More Efficient

Planning A Romantic Valentine’s Day

018Valentine’s Day is a special day for loved up couples, but it can be stressful to plan something romantic and exciting. We’ve outlined some great tips below for making the perfect Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have the time to plan something yourself, or you aren’t sure what to do, why not purchase entry to a special Valentine’s ticketed event? Just make sure all the elements of romance are covered!

Luxurious Food
Eating is one of life’s pleasures, and can be very romantic. Everyone knows the value of sharing a meal with someone, but up the ante this Valentine’s Day for a truly special occasion. Consider what you will make for each course if you are planning to eat at a picnic or at home, or look for a venue that offers multiple, luxurious and hedonistic courses.

Romantic Setting
Valentine’s Day in Sydney is romantic because Sydney is such a beautiful city. Opt for a gorgeous location such as the Harbour, for maximum romance. A night on the water with beautiful views of the lights and the harbour is sure to wow any special someone.

Flowers are an age old part of Valentine’s Day. Consider not only the flowers you might give to your loved one, but the flowers at the location of your meal. If you are planning a special night at home, make sure you buy a few bunches of flowers or some rose petals to add romance to any room. If you are booking a venue ask if it will be romantically and florally decorated.

Special Time Together
What could be more romantic than spending time together? Dancing, walking arm in arm or simply talking over drinks will all make your night special. The Pontoon offers you the ability to enjoy all of these activities with your loved one, all with the stunning backdrop of Sydney Harbour.

Host an Impressive Product Launch

017Like any corporate event, a product launch needs to both impress the attendees and reflect your business’ brand. You want a product launch to maintain or increase the integrity and reputation of your company. That means that everything should be done to a high standard. Whatever product you choose to launch, your event should have clear purpose, an exciting reveal and an impressive venue. With all these aspects in place you will be best situated to generate real buzz around your new product.

Impressive Venue
An impressive venue is of the essence for any product launch or corporate event. The venue not only reflects upon your company but also determines the level of comfort of your guests. An impressive and luxurious venue says that you are a successful company that wishes to show off a great product. Private boat hire is a fantastic idea, whether or not you are hosting an event of 60 or 1000. Sydney Harbour is a gorgeous place with views to impress any guest. With many Australians choosing to have luxurious weddings on Sydney Harbour you can be sure that the location is both glamorous and internationally renowned.

Big Reveal
The reveal of your product should be the highlight of your launch. You can choose from many different ways to launch the product, depending on its size and use. One impressive and exciting way to reveal a product is with a hydraulic lift floor, so that the product appears and is able to be viewed by everyone. The Starship Sydney is one venue that has a fantastic hydraulic lift. You may also want to consider speeches and other information sharing mediums at your launch. This could be via press releases, information booklets or a company spokesperson giving a talk. Remember however, that the initial impression of a product is rarely able to be forgotten.

Generate Buzz
Generating buzz is a mixture of your product launch and your ongoing efforts after the event. If you have an impressive reveal then the press and other attendees are more likely to create buzz within their own circles. In this way you can generate buzz and sales through your launch.

Safe And Fun School Formals

School formals are a huge event in the life of every teenager. The formal marks a milestone as well as providing a chance for teenagers to relax and enjoy their achievements. A formal needs to be fun and exciting, but that doesn’t mean that teenagers need to be at risk. The choice of venue is the biggest choice you’ll make, so ensure you look for these important factors:

Fun, Party Vibe
A formal should be lots of fun. For teenagers that generally means dancing the night away with their friends. A venue that offers plenty of dancing space and professional DJs is an absolute MUST for any successful Sydney school formals. http://www.starshipsydney.com.au/social-functions/school-formals/

Security is a huge concern of teachers and parents when formal time comes around. A venue needs security that can not only keep out non-formal attendees, but also look after teens and ensure they behave responsibly. An exclusive venue is best for this reason. One of the fantastic things about a cruise, such as on the Starship Sydney http://www.starshipsydney.com.au/ is that no one can leave early. This means that parents can be sure the teenagers are all partying together and safely.

Planning Assistance
Ask the venues you are looking at how they will help with planning. Is the venue only able to offer dancing and beverages, or do they have sit down meals available? Will you have to separately organise music and lights, or can they supply these essentials? Planning a formal and organising 150 + teenagers is hard enough, without having to micromanage the event.

016Exclusive, Elegant Feel
Formals should feel elegant and exclusive. Often attendees spend a lot of time and money on their appearance for the event, so a gorgeous backdrop for photos is a must. Consider venues that are both fun and elegant, to ensure the formal is a hit both on the night and in the photos.

School formals should be a fantastic night for all the attendees, making great memories for them to hold onto throughout their life. A wonderful school formal brings together a whole grade to celebrate their hard work.

Why Party On The Harbour?

Internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful harbours in the world, Sydney Harbour is THE party spot for your upcoming birthday. Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or simply like to each of your special days in style, partying on the harbour adds lux and fun. Location, location, location is important in real estate and just as important in parties. Your venue choice sets the tone of the evening. So why party on the harbour?

Exclusive And Luxurious
Birthday party cruises have an exclusive feel because the venue is only for you and your invitees. Guests will also feel pampered as they step onto the gorgeous cruise boat to be whisked away for the evening.

A gorgeous view serves as an icebreaker, makes a fantastic backdrop for photos and amps up the fun on your big night. If you cruise around the harbour you can have 360 degree views of the glorious Sydney Harbour, Opera House and Bridge, as well as the sparkling city lights. If you’d rather party at The Pontoon, you’ll still enjoy glorious vistas.

Central Location
A central location for a birthday party is key, to ensure that all your friends and family can come. Venues close to hotels such as those in the Rocks and the CBD are best for international and interstate invitees, or those who simply want to keep partying till morning. A central location also allows for easy transport to and from your venue.

015Unforgettable Fun
A Sydney birthday cruise can provide unforgettable fun – however you like it. If your style is a gorgeous cruise and sit down dinner, you can have that. If you’d like to dance the night away you can do that too. Look for multipurpose cruise ships with customisable packages to make the most of your night.

Your birthday is a special event for you and your loved ones, so celebrate it in style. For milestone birthdays consider hiring a party planner or asking your venue if they have attached party planners to help out. That way you can focus on finding your new outfit.

Take The Stress Out Of Event Planning

Planning an event can be stressful, even for the professionals. However, if you choose plan your event it doesn’t have to take over your life. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate mixer or a birthday party, these tips can help.

Know Your Priorities
Knowing your priorities is absolutely essential to planning a great event AND managing your stress levels. Put simply, top priorities get the most time and concern, minor priorities get less. This understanding of what is and isn’t important to you will stop lots of headaches. Evaluate what decisions will have the most impact on your guests. Venue, food and entertainment are almost always the top concerns, but you should also know if you are personally more focused on having beautiful flowers or the perfect cocktail list.

Break Bigger Tasks Into Smaller Ones
010Break the big task (of planning the event) into smaller ones and then, if need be, break down those too. Smaller tasks are easier to handle and more attainable, so you’ll know you are progressing. Main tasks include picking a venue, organising food, organising entertainment or speakers, planning a guest list and security. When picking a venue consider that a central location will make all your tasks easier. Small tasks like having flowers delivered and getting guests to the location are easier if it is near public transport and other businesses. Sydney Harbour corporate cruises are centrally located, without compromising on spectacular views.

Have A Great Team
A great team may be members of your family, or staff from your venue. For example, if you are planning a wedding cruise, then find out what the staff will handle and what tasks will be up to you. Delegating tasks to this team will take things off your hands and let you focus on the big picture.

Wow Your Guests From Start To Finish

009Hosting an event that makes guests say ‘wow!’ isn’t about an endless budget or painstakingly following trends. All ‘wow’ events have one thing in common: fantastic planning. Whether you’re planning a birthday, a wedding or even just a party, blowing away your guests will require some forethought. Its also essential to know your priorities, and what is and isn’t required to make the event stand out in your guests’ memories.

Set The Scene
A blockbuster movie and your party both need a killer intro. Setting the scene right will entice your guests, exciting them that this will be more than the average party. This starts with your invitation. Make your invitation exciting, luxurious, quirky or surprising and the guests will already be intrigued. Your invitation should reflect the event – if you are wanting to throw a romantic, black tie, wedding cruise then the invitation should be formal, romantic and beautifully made.

Details Are Key
Details are key in a great event, so make sure they aren’t lost in the plan. The venue you choose should be gorgeous – not just from afar, but up close. You want fantastic views, but you also want sparkling utensils and classy decorations. To make things easy for yourself, ask the venue staff to take care of any little details you don’t have time for you.

Amp The Wow Factor
You need at least one Wow moment to make your event truly sparkle. That could be the dress you wear, the band you hire, or the fantastic and elaborate decorations. Another fantastic wow factor is the view from your location. A stunning view will frame everything that happens at the party, looking good on the day and in the photos. If you are going to have speeches, make the most of the view and have the speaker framed by the best window. In Sydney some of the best views are of the harbour, and these can easily be shown off on a cruise such as those on the Starship Sydney.

Be Unique
Being unique can be something as little as having a quirky theme, but you’ll be certain to wow with a unique location. Sydney harbour cruises for birthdays are a unique choice, with a glamorous and exclusive feel for guests. Rather than a bar or marquee, guests set off onto the harbour for a unique event.

Enjoy An Unforgettable Party

006Christmas and then New Year’s Eve are just around the corner, and you may be looking to throw a fantastic and festive party. Whether your birthday falls in these glorious summer months, or you are simply looking to celebrate the season, a Sydney party cruise is a luxurious and exciting option. If you want a prime position for a New Year’s Eve, consider a ticketed New Year’s cruise(more information below), with everything already organised for you!

Throwing Your Own Party Cruise
If you want to throw a party for your birthday, or simply because you can – a cruise is a fantastic idea. Sydney Harbour Cruises are luxurious and exclusive – you can be sure your party will be packed full with all your friends and family.
The view will be stunning, both inside and out, with a fully decked boat ready for your celebration. You can customise a huge range of options and then kick back and enjoy the party. DJs, a bar, food and staff can all be included so you don’t have to organise a million different things.whatsapp plus apk

New Years Plans: A Cruise Ready For You
For New Year’s Eve a cruise on Sydney Harbour is the best way to get an uninterrupted view of Sydey’s internationally renowned fireworks. The Starship Sydney cruise will ensure you are in a fantastic location to see the show, as well as put on a fantastic night for you and your friends. You may even meet a mysterious and attractive stranger! The cruise will be both romantic and exciting, and the stable and secure boats ensure that weather and seasickness problems are extremely rare. A New Years cruise is exactly what you are looking for to make this New Years the best yet!

To celebrate in style, whatever the occasion, a Sydney Harbour cruise will be perfect for you.

Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life and you want it to be beautiful and luxurious. The Starship Sydney has years of experience of throwing the most stunning and memorable weddings in Sydney.

Romantic And Private Location
005Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s most gorgeous locations. On your cruise you can choose from a number of fantastic anchoring spots for your ceremony. This will ensure the perfect backdrop for the day and the all important photos! Cruises are private, with your family and friends whisked away from Darling Harbour or the Opera House to experience a magical time on the water. Nothing could be more romantic. Wedding cruises on Sydney Harbour are beautiful inside and out and will be a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Stress Free Organisation
A wedding organiser will be at your beck and call to organise all practicalities and ensure the day goes smoothly. You can choose how much time you want to invest in organising each part, and can work with our team or step back as they put your instructions into place. We know each bride is different and all our staff are trained, professional and in tune with your needs and desires. Whether you want the cruise as a Sydney wedding ceremony venue or you are looking for a reception venue, we can organise everything for you.

Practicalities Ensured
The cruises are decked out with all the necessary features to ensure a gorgeous cruise. Food, drinks and music can all be provided. You are welcome to make your own input with decoration and other practicalities, or we can do this for you.

Your dream wedding is at your fingertips, with a luxurious Sydney Harbour cruise. Whether you want a wedding ceremony venue, reception venue or simply are after a celebratory Sydney Harbour cruise party we can meet all your needs. Let us help you, make your dreams come true.


Choosing The Right Wedding Venue For You

Planning a wedding is often stressful, but when done well can make the day beautiful, extravagant and memorable. The key in planning is to identify what is important to you and focus on achieving those goals. While some brides are particularly concerned about the flowers, others want to find the perfect band. To all those planning a wedding, the venue should be of the utmost important. The venue for a wedding ceremony and reception sets the tone of the event, and the right venue will shine in photos and allow for a great experience. So what should you look for?

Natural Surroundings and Location
Location, location, location. It’s important when buying a house but also when choosing from the Sydney wedding venues on offer. It is not only the building or venue that is important when choosing the right option for you, but the natural surroundings of that place. Photographs will be immeasurably better in a beautiful location and guests will enjoy the exterior and interior of the venue. If your venue is centrally located then it will be easier for guests to find, and to seek accommodation nearby if necessary. Unfortunately venues located in the CBD do not always have attractive surroundings, so look for an area with natural beauty. One popular option is Sydney Harbour, because it is both central and internationally renowned for its natural beauty.garageband for windows 10

It is important to choose a Sydney wedding reception venue that is the right size for your wedding. Often weddings are quite large, with loads of family and friends to invite. In order to allow room for both dancing and eating you should look for a venue that can comfortably hold all guests and offers space for these activities.

Venue Presentation
004On the day, and in photos, the presentation of the venue is of the utmost importance. Venues should be immaculately clean and maintained in order to avoid bringing down the tone of the wedding. It is also important that a venue is welcoming and attractive, so guests feel the luxurious and beautiful vibe of your wedding right from the beginning. If you are looking for Sydney wedding ceremony venues, remember that hundreds if not thousands of photos will be taken, so you want the venue to look great.

Comprehensive Services
Your venue should come fully equipped with other services if need be. That may mean waiters and waitresses, a bar, food preparation and serving services as well as other important features like music and lights. Ask your venue if they can supply music, or have the capabilities to allow the music choices you make, such as a DJ or a band.